Monday, December 31, 2007

kitchen set design

Minimalist kitchen set with minimalist clean style

clean style and smart kitchen

fungtionality design can make a maximal fungtion...minimalisme is maximalisme

The smart kitcen " unite with dinning Room"

kithen with mini bar for breakfast

Mini kithen " simplicity is more"

minimalis kitcen set unite with dinning room' empahasis fokal point with red collour'
kitchen set must be
  1. fungtionality in acvity
  2. fungtional in form
  3. Good looking
  4. Clean
  5. easy to made an use
  6. suiteable with tema in interior for each other
  7. Notice with " ergonomic man"

with me " Rony architect from indonesia " we are is always consistent with a minimalis design for your kitchen"

terimakasih atas kunjungannya di web kami

ttd Rony,st .

principal dan arsitektur design

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